Dormroom Fuck Buddies

The one word that I would use to describe my best friend is carefree. Lu is always happy and cheery. She always wants to spread joy, and she’ll do anything to get someone to smile. I can’t remember when I started to fall for her, but I have had a crush on her for a very long time. I was afraid to tell her because I did not know how she would react or if she felt the same way about me. We had been best friends since were five years old, and we were inseparable. It was no surprise that when we reached college age Lu and I applied to and were accepted to the same school. Going to an Ivy League school had always been a goal for both of us so we were beyond thrilled to both get into Ivy League schools and even more thrilled to be attending the same school. One day, Lu came to my dorm room. “What do you think about throwing a party tonight? My friend Tyna said that we could use her house. She has plenty of room to invite anyone we want and her parents are out of town. We could celebrate making through first semester.” I told her that it sounded like a great idea. I mean, any reason to throw a party right.

Lu and I arrived at Tyna’s house to start setting up for the party. The house was massive, with so many bedrooms and bathrooms that I almost got lost. Tyna quickly came around the corner. “You can set up in here.”, she said pointing to a room that she called “the great room.” Lu and I began to prepare food and drinks and set up decorations. “Hey, I have an idea.”, said Lu out of nowhere. I couldn’t help but wonder what she was thinking about as she grabbed my hand. She led me down the hall, and we disappeared into one of the many bedrooms. I was still trying to figure out what was going on in her head. She closed the door and moved closer to me. She kissed my cheek and wrapped her arms around my neck. This is the girl that I have had a crush on for years. I kissed her lips. “What is your idea?”, I asked making sure that my lips were still close enough to brush hers. She wanted to make a movie of us having sex on and let everyone enjoy. I asked her again to make sure that I heard her correctly, and she restated the same thought. “I want to make you cum.”, she whispered. I kissed her lips again biting her bottom lip. What she didn’t know was that listening to her say those words was making me cum at any moment. In just a few minutes she had already cued up the camera on her phone and was starting to undress. I quickly undressed and walked back over to her caressing every curve of her amazing body. She pushed me down onto the bed and crawled onto the bed next to me. She kissed my chest and made her way down to my dick. She licked the head of it and slowly put the whole thing in her mouth. I groaned as she sucked faster. Just when I thought I was going to explode she stopped and climbed on top of me. She licked one of her fingers rubbing her clit. She hovered over me for a minute before sitting down letting my dick slide into her pussy. She was so wet. She rode out the orgasm that had been building for her. I groaned as I watched her tits bounce up and down. I felt her body tense and release as she climaxed, and I thrust up hard into her filling her pussy with cum.

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